Resolving Conflict - Workshop

Conflicts arise in all relationships, no matter how stable and happy they are. Some couples avoid discussing differences for fear that the discussion will get out of hand. Others walk on eggshells in an effort to keep the peace. Suppressing your true thoughts and feelings is NOT the answer. Doing this leads to emotional distance, resentment, loneliness and lack of intimacy. There is a better way. Join us for Resolving Conflict, a workshop that will equip you to deal with your differences in ways that strengthen rather than damage your relationship.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand what causes the majority of arguments
  • Examen two primary categories of conflict and how to handle each
  • Investigate the three primary sources of anger for women
  • Prevent problems from becoming entrenched and creating resentment
  • Appreciate the importance of a soft start up
  • Discover the four patterns of behavior that escalate conflict
  • Explore physiological flooding and how it affects your ability to resolve conflict
  • Recognize the power of repair attempts and how to use them
  • Practice two conflict resolution models that lead to solutions
  • Know how to make an effective apology and grant forgiveness
  • Learn how to overcome emotional injury from a poorly handled conflict


Four, one-hour sessions across four weeks (Total Of Four Hours)

  • Investment/Fee - $97 per individual/couple. 
  • No Additional Fee For Your Spouse To Attend.
  • Thursdays, 8pm - 9pm, September 16th , 23rd , 30th , and October 7th


Two, two-hour sessions (Total of four hours)

  • Investment/Fee - $97 per individual
  • $105 Per Couple (To Cover Cost Of Materials)
  • Saturdays, September 11th and 25th , 10am - 12pm

Paradigm Workhub
1862 Auburn Road, Suite 118, Dacula, GA 30019