Great marriages
don’t happen by chance

There is a proven step-by-step process for building the marriage you want.



The State of Your Union

Do any of these describe your relationship?
  • Feeling emotionally disconnected from each other
  • Bickering over what seems like “the small stuff”
  • Being critical of each other
  • Feeling that your spouse is not really hearing you or considering what you say
  • Arguing about the same issue over and over again without resolving anything
  • Living like roommates - minimal affectionate touch, passion or sexual intimacy
  • Unresolved anger and resentment between you
  • Feeling lonely in your marriage

Results After Working With Susan

You will have the skills and tools you need to:
  • Stay emotionally connected to your partner
  • Keep outside stressors from negatively impacting your relationship
  • Successfully navigate life transitions - a job change, move, or new baby
  • Manage conflicts of all kinds
  • Have greater passion and intimacy in your marriage
  • Honor and support each other’s goals and dreams

Building the Marriage You Want

Many of us think that we intuitively know “how to do relationships,” after all, we’ve been “doing them” all our lives. But just as you need knowledge, practice, and skill to get a driver’s license, and a degree or certification to practice your profession, “doing marriage well” requires knowledge, practice, and skill. 

But it doesn’t end there. Once you’ve developed the skills, they have to become daily and weekly habits in order for you to maintain a strong and satisfying marital relationship. All relationships need on-going care and feeding, and marriage is no exception.

If you are struggling in your marriage, it’s not that you or your partner have a fatal flaw or that you married the wrong person, it’s that you don’t have the skills you need.

When couples are struggling, they may seek help from a marriage counselor. They sit on a love seat, facing a relative stranger, and “tell on” each other. This is seldom helpful. Learning to resolve conflict is not the place to start when trying to strengthen or restore your marriage relationship. Beginning this way will only make things worse.

Don’t fall prey to poor advice or the wrong kind of help. There is a proven step-by-step process for building the marriage you want. Let me show you how. 


What People Say About Working With Susan

"Susan showed me that I could single-handedly do some things differently to positively impact my relationship my husband. Working with Susan has helped me break free of destructive patterns and rebuild emotional closeness with my husband."

Jane VanHeest

Jane VanHeest

"My wife and I were not in a great place in our marriage. After Jane started working with Susan, things began to improve. My wife’s changed behavior caused me to think more about how my comments might be affecting her. I am happy to report that we are happier now and navigating disagreements with less arguing."

Scott VanHeest

Scott VanHeest

why susan

Susan Silvers

Like most people, I married, with high hopes. I thought that the closeness and passion my husband Yancey and I enjoyed early on would continue throughout our marriage.

It wasn’t out of malice or a desire to hurt each other that things changed, but because we became careless with our relationship.

We stopped going out and having fun together. We lost track of what was going on in each other’s worlds and how we each felt about it.

We began focusing on each other’s faults rather than appreciating each other’s positive qualities.

It seemed like we argued about the same things over and over again, but never made any headway. Resentment started to build.