what people say about working with susan

Engaged Couple

"We would highly recommend any couple seeking premarital or marital counseling to engage with Susan. 

It amazed me how much we learned about each other in our sessions with Susan, given that we had already been a couple for over three years. 

Our emotional intimacy greatly increased and we are able to more easily discuss our emotional needs and understand each other's mindsets.

Susan helped us understand problem areas that we could face in our marriage due to our different personalities and backgrounds. 

We now have the tools to be able to continue to strengthen our relationship as we go forward into our future. 

We cannot thank Susan enough for all of her guidance and help." 

CS and SC

Married Couple - Wife

Jane VanHeest

"Working with Susan has changed my perspective. I have come to understand that I am a participant in any problem that I have in my marriage and that it is NOT all my husband’s fault.

Susan showed me that I could single-handedly do some things differently to positively impact my relationship with my husband.

I was impressed with Susan’s breadth and depth of knowledge and wealth of user-friendly tools and suggestions. She is especially gifted in understanding and explaining differences in personality and how they impact relationships.

Working with Susan has helped me break free of destructive patterns and rebuild emotional closeness with my husband." 

Jane VanHeest

Married Couple - Husband

Scott VanHeest

"My wife and I were NOT in a great place in our marriage. She seemed to take offense to every comment I made. 

After Jane started working with Susan, things began to improve.

My wife said that Susan helped her to understand her own motivations and to consider mine.

My wife’s changed behavior caused me to think more about how my comments might be affecting her.

I am happy to report that we are happier now and navigating disagreements with less arguing.

Jane is now meeting my need for quality time and I am more careful with my words, so we are able to enjoy our time together."

Scott VanHeest

Married Couple

"Marriage can be a difficult journey, and a wise guide can help you avoid many common mistakes and pitfalls. Susan has been a blessing to us as a kind of sherpa in this part of our journey, helping us navigate some tricky scenarios and deepen our love and appreciation for one another."

T and C V

Married Woman

"In just 15 minutes Susan gave me tips on how to handle an issue I was having with my husband. She gave me actionable items and ways to process through what I was thinking and how to express it to my husband.

In those 15 minutes I got a glimpse into her world and how she coaches… Let’s just say it’s got me wanting more!

She truly is good at what she does."

Stephanie Beck

Married Woman

"Susan is pure magic when it comes to relationships.

She has a kind and understanding ear and is armed with an arsenal of proven tactics and winning strategies to revive even the most broken relationships.

She will walk patiently alongside you to help you achieve the results you are seeking, and in some cases, the healing you desperately need.

Don't miss an opportunity to work with this incredible woman - your marriage will be better for it! "

Corrin McCloskey


"My wife and I participated in a couples workshop run by Susan Silvers. I was impressed with her presentation!

Susan is a very compassionate presenter who is well organized and very knowledgeable. Her empathy and concern for the participants made this an unforgettable experience.

I found her engaging, friendly, helpful and sympathetic to everyone at the workshop.
I would recommend Susan Silvers without hesitation."

Don Loftus

"It was my privilege to recently participate in a one and one-half day marriage workshop facilitated by Susan Silvers. The workshop was highly interactive and engaging.

Susan’s professionalism and expertise are evident the moment you meet her. She has a way of easily building trust with different types of people and increasing their confidence in their ability to make positive changes in their behavior.

Susan's expert facilitation of the DiSC behavioral style instrument helped participants understand themselves and their spouses better. Couples walked away with renewed hope and specific techniques for effectively dealing with style differences and style-based conflict

All who participate in a marriage workshop led by Susan Silvers will leave with the tools and confidence they need to build and sustain a mutually satisfying marriage relationship."

Pastor Henry L. McKinney Jr.

"I want to thank you very much for the engaging and informative marriage enrichment workshop you led at our church recently.

Your material and the effective way you presented it to our audience challenged each one to evaluate how we are doing versus how God wants our love relationships to be.

Those that attended the workshop have shared their experience with others that didn’t attend, and both groups of people are now asking me when the next workshop will be."

Pastor Luis Medina

"Susan helped us understand what drains love from the marriage relationship and how to identify and meet one another's most important needs. She designed activities that allowed couples to go off on their own and talk about their relationship.

Following the workshop, I saw marriages strengthened and individuals building and maintaining healthier relationships both within the fellowship and with their families."

Pastor Roy H. Silvers III