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5 Strategies That Will Help You Grow Stronger During These Difficult Times

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These Marriage Strategies Will Help You:

  • Shift Your Focus
  • Strengthen Your Friendship
  • Seek to Connect
  • Soften Your Approach
  • Spot the Signs of Overwhelm

This complimentary guide will explain each strategy and will include an exercise to help you apply the strategy within your relationship. 

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About Susan Silvers

Like most people, I married, with high hopes. I thought that the closeness and passion my husband Yancey and I enjoyed early on would continue throughout our marriage.

It wasn’t out of malice or a desire to hurt each other that things changed, but because we became careless with our relationship.

We stopped going out and having fun together. We lost track of what was going on in each other’s worlds and how we each felt about it.

We began focusing on each other’s faults rather than appreciating each other’s positive qualities.

It seemed like we argued about the same things over and over again, but never made any headway. Resentment started to build.